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Grand Archery Tournament Standings with Both Weapon Types

Here is a list of all people who have a current GAT Standing with Both Weapon Types. To be listed here an individual must be listed on *both* the Handbow and the Crossbow lists. This list shows archers who have spent time practicing with both bow types probably at the cost of getting better scores with either. The Standing Score is simply the addition of their Handbow Standing Score to their Crossbow Standing Score, then displayed as a percential. The 'Rank' indicates the individuals standing with the given weapon type, in the case of a tie both have will have the same 'Rank' and order is simply alphabetical.

The Percentage is given as an indicator of how far from the top the Archer is based on their actual GAT Standing Score. The GAT Standing Score is not directly displayed as it is a calculated number which is rediculously high and therefor difficult to put into real perspective.

# Name Kingdom Group %
1   Cirion the Left Handed Middle Northwoods 100.0
2   Kaitlyn McKenna Ansteorra Shadowlands 90.8
3   Eric Morrison Outlands Hawk`s Hollow 86.2
4   Gladius the Alchemist Middle Cleftlands 83.0
5   Plachoya Sobaka Ansteorra Shadowlands 70.1
6   Alaricus Simmonds An Tir Dragon`s Laire 63.7
7   Winfred of Heatherwyne Caid Lyondemere 55.1
8   Michael de Lundie Calontir Lonely Tower 53.4
9   Tymme Lytefelow An Tir Wyewood 45.7
10   Mika Longbow Outlands Unser Hafen 44.4
11   Johanna Trewpeny An Tir Adiantum 43.7
12   Stephan Grimm Atlantia Stierbach 39.5
13   Jonathas Reinisch Atlantia Dun Carraig 32.6
14   John de Percy An Tir Wyewood 32.1
15   Gregge the Archer Atlantia Roxbury Mill 30.7
16   Seamus McRay Atlantia Bright Hills 26.2
17   Miriel of Shadowlands Ansteorra Shadowlands 26.2
18   Aiden of Bright Hills Atlantia Bright Hills 22.3
19   Stephan Sorenson Outlands Hawk`s Hollow 20.0
20   Evrard de Valogne An Tir Wyewood 19.8
21   Gerard von Lowenstein Middle Stormvale 16.7
22   Dax of Three Mountains An Tir Three Mountains 15.6
23   Loegaire (Loric) mac Lochlainn An Tir Dragon`s Laire 15.4
24   Ygraine of Kellswood East Aschehyrst 12.0
25   James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd An Tir Seagirt 11.9
26   Kenneth of Shaftesbury An Tir Lions Gate 11.5
27   OEngus ua Faelain Outlands al-Barran 11.0
28   Karl Thorgeirsson Ansteorra Northkeep 8.4
29   Janyn Fletcher Atlantia Bright Hills 6.3
30   Cian Rhys Gravenor Ansteorra Namron 6.0
31   Thomas ap Dewi Ansteorra Northkeep 5.9
32   James Barkley Middle Cleftlands 5.4
33   Ray ap Dewi Ansteorra Northkeep 5.2
34   Ronald fitz Robert Ansteorra Steppes 5.2
35   Truetvin Inglefinger Calontir Loch Bheathrock 5.2
36   William Douglas Calontir Vatavia 4.7
37   Bjorn Helgason West Vinhold 4.6
38   Bjorn Kolbjornsson An Tir Dragon`s Laire 3.5
39   John Macandrew An Tir Hartwood 3.4
40   Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg Outlands Hawk`s Hollow 3.3
41   Samuel ap Dewi Ansteorra Northkeep 3.3
42   John Wayland An Tir Adiantum 3.2
43   Ademar Ramirez (Davyd Harrow) An Tir Adiantum 3.2
44   Daffyd de Doake An Tir Wyewood 2.4
45   Barre fitzRobert of York Atlantia Bright Hills 2.3
46   Catyln O` Sullivan Atenveldt Twin Moons 2.1
47   Diderich Ansteorra Steppes 2.0
48   Johan of Hawksley Atenveldt Twin Moons 2.0
49   Johann Steinarsson Calontir Vatavia 1.9
50   Ulrich von Budigen Ansteorra Northkeep 1.8
51   Cunegonda An Tir Hartwood 1.7
52   Juliana Macnayre Calontir Heraldshill 1.7
53   Brendan Hunterston Ealdormere Petrea Thule 1.6
54   Valgard av Mors Atlantia Sudentorre 1.5
55   Daymond West Vinhold 1.4
56   Hawise le Wollemongere An Tir Seagirt 1.4
57   Christophe Beck Trimaris Darkwater 1.3
58   Esperanza Susanna Flecha Atlantia Stierbach 1.2
59   Anastasia Iosifova Atlantia Sudentorre 1.1
60   Naran Numuchi Atlantia Ponte Alto 1.1
61   Thalia Ruggenall Outlands Caerthe 1.0
62   Cameron de Grey Atlantia Storvik 1.0
63   Lucius von Bamberg An Tir Adiantum 1.0

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