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Sponsored Merchants

Sponsored Merchants

Below is a list of Merchants which are sponsored by the various marshals who use this site. These are personal recommendations of the sponsoring marshal, and in no way represents the SCA supporting these private businesses.

 Target Archery
   SCAdian Merchant
  Kellswood Krafts
    Description Port Orford Cedar arrow shafts in tightly-matched sets; archery accessories; Royal Round target faces (60cm FITA); award medallions; etc. This is the business of Mistress Ygraine of Kellswood and Master Li Kung Lo.
    Website www.kellswood.com/krafts/archery.php
    Sponsor Ygraine of Kellswood
  New World Arbalest
    Description Supplier of custom made medieval crossbows.
    Website www.crossbows.net
    Sponsor Jonathas Reinisch
  NorthStar Archery
    Description NorthStar Archery is the traditional archer`s premier supplier of hand-crafted arrows, crossbow bolts and accessories. We also offer the most complete array of safety missiles, kits, bows and more for medieval combat archery reenacting.
    Website www.northstararchery.com
    Sponsor Jochi Batu
  Viking Archery Supply
    Description A complete array of Traditional Archery supplies: Custom Arrows to your specifications, Starter arrows, Custom made bowstrings, New and Used bows, Crossbows and Bolts, Gloves, Tabs, Armguards, quivers, stringers, targets and more. Located in the Midrealm
    Website www.dmerrill.com
    Sponsor Eadric of Grenefelda
   Commercial Vendor
  3 rivers archery
    Description Commercial archery supply house - they will ship USPS, Large Catalogue on line and printed.
    Website 3riversarchery.com
    Sponsor Stephen de la Bere
  Elk Ridge Archery
    Description Very SCA friendly, attends Pennsic and Gulf Wars regularly. Great longbows, crossbow prods, and childrens bows along with all archery related equipment. GREAT PEOPLE!
    Website www.elkridgearchery.com/
    Sponsor Christophe of Grey
  Hildebrand Arrow Shafts
    Description Source for arrow shafts, primarily spruce. They sort by spine.
    Website www.hildebrandarrowshafts.com
    Sponsor Tymme Lytefelow
  Kustom King Traditional Archery
    Description Commercial provider of traditional archery gear and supplies.
    Website www.kustomkingarchery.com/
    Sponsor Ygraine of Kellswood
  Lancaster Archery Supply
    Description Resource for arrow making supplies, tools, bows, etc.
    Website www.lancasterarchery.com
    Sponsor Tymme Lytefelow
  No Frontiers Archery
    Description Makes arrows for all levels of shooters and has new fiberglass bows for sale
    Website Www.nofrontiersarchery.com
    Sponsor Lewin de Partone
  No Frontiers Archery
    Description Custom and stock arrows well made quickly and cheap.
    Website www.nofrontiersarchery.com/
    Sponsor Cameron de Grey
  Northwest Archery
    Description ARROWS ARE OUR SPECIALTY Northwest Archery is rich in history. Suzanne St.Charles and her husband, Roger Hammond, based in South Prairie, Washington. Between the two of us, we have over 60 years of arrow and archery experience.
    Website www.nwarchery.com/
    Sponsor Loegaire (Loric) mac Lochlainn
  Wapiti Archery
    Description They claim to produce the World`s Finest Tapered Port Orford Cedar Shafts! It is our experience that this is very true, they make great arrows, at very reasonable prices, and are located in Southern Antir. They offer periodic SCA specials and discounts
    Website www.wapitiarchery.com
    Sponsor Jennet MacLachlan
 Thrown Weapons
   Commercial Vendor
    Description We provide the finest in Atlatls, Darts and supplies. We manufacture a large range of atlatls, darts, and copper points to suit all budgets. Packages and custom designed items are available. Contact us for your special requirements.
    Website atlatl-darts.com/
    Sponsor Loegaire (Loric) mac Lochlainn
  Fort Turner Hand Forged Metal Works
    Description Hand-forged competition throwing tomahawks and throwing knives.
    Website www.fortturner.com
    Sponsor Giovanni dell`Arco

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